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Maxine Pinson


Sandy Soule

"With over fifteen years dedicated to the B&B industry, Maxine Pinson has proven herself to be an invaluable resource for both inn- goers and innkeepers. From her newsletters to her Website to her delightful guidebooks, you can count on Maxine's sound advice and honest recommendations. B&B and inn ratings and reviews are based on overnight stays experienced by Maxine Pinson. Inns do not pay to be listed,so you can rely on Maxine's recommendations."
   Sandy Soule 
  VP Marketing / /RezOvation

Note: Maxine Pinson also serves
as an Associate Editor of 
and is a contributor to
The Bed and Breakfast Blog

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Innkeeping Commentaries
by Maxine Pinson
written between 2000-2005 for
The B&B and Country Inn MarketPlace Resource Guide

You Stayed at a What?

Why I Love B&Bs

Big, Cozy, Fancy, or Small, 
There Are B & B Inns 
To Suit Us All

Responding to Ratings and Reviews

Experiencing Bed & Breakfast Inns From The Nose To The Toes

Effective Innkeeping from A-Z 
(Part 1)

Effective Innkeeping from A-Z
(Part 2)

Building A Theme 
Into Your Marketing Scheme

Recycling Kindness
Within the B&B Community

Dealing with Damaging
Online Reviews


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