Especially for Innkeepers
(something inngoers would like innkeepers to remember)

Q: I have found inns do not always measure up to the glorious images portrayed in their brochures or on their Web sites. How can I know if what I see online is what I will actually find on site?

A: Not finding on site what is promoted online or in a well-designed brochure is my greatest pet peeve of the B&B industry. I will not even consider an inn unless I am impressed with the content and professionalism of its Web site. The ones I select are usually the ones with the most comprehensive collection of photographs (including each guest room and bath, dining and common areas, views of property exterior). I also like to have an idea of the area surrounding the inn and views available from guest rooms. Of course, if there is a specific question one has, which is not addressed on the inn’s Web site, then it is best to contact the innkeeper in order to have your concerns answered directly. Personally, I also like a B&B Web site showing a photograph of the innkeepers and a brief introduction of them.

Note: In the Fall 2008 edition of The Bed & Breakfast MarketPlace Guide, Maxine will address how the use of unfitting adjectives (used in B&B marketing) can mislead and disappoint guests.






Especially for Inngoers
(something innkeepers would like inngoers to remember)

Q: How can I best show my appreciation to innkeepers during a stay at their inn?

A: Guests can best express their appreciation to innkeepers in
the following ways:

  • Abiding by and respecting policies set forth by the inn.

  • Treating the inn’s property with the same respect as they want their property treated by others.

  • Treating the inn’s other guests with courtesy and consideration.

  • Being polite and verbally expressing appreciation  (especially for special efforts made) to the innkeepers as well as to staff members.

One innkeeper summarizes the response to this question by  saying: “Just the golden rule is all we ask. Treat us and our home as you would want us to treat you and your home if we were visiting you.”

These Q & A excerpts are reprinted with permission from the Q & A section of The INNside Scoop B&B book shown below.

Maxine Pinson
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Maxine Pinson has published The INNside Scoop B&B newsletter since 1995, during which time she has stayed in approximately 400 B&Bs and country inns in 45 states and Canada. She is the author of INNside Scoop book and co-author of Lowcountry Delights Cookbook & Travel Guide. She also serves as associate editor of Maxine lives in the historic district of Savannah, Ga.

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