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MIND Thermal System

About Us


Mind Thermal System Headquarters are located in Baoding, Hebei Province, close to Beijing. The company owns three manufacturing plants, in Baoding, Xushui and Chongqing. 
Mind Thermal System develops and produces automotive air conditioning units, cooling systems, E-shifter, electronic water pumps, battery coolers and top level components for ICE and new energy vehicles.
Mind Thermal System manufacturing yearly capacity is about:

- 1.6 million units of HVAC for air conditioning systems,
- 1.4 million front end cooling modules,

- 5.5 millions heat exchangers.
With more than 300 experts, engineers and technical personnel in China and worldwide, we continuously improves our products using advanced research and development capabilities. We provide high performance and reliable components, mature and efficient systems as well as high end services to our customers.
Product R&D

Mind Thermal System philosophy is to design, develop and produce top performance and flawless products.
The use of advanced softwares: CAD for drawings and CFD for calculation, allows to optimize and shorten all our development cycles.
Mind main goal is to propose to its customers, high end thermal systems, air conditioning units and front end cooling modules.  All the products are developed based on a wide range of granted patents.
Mind engineering and simulation teams validate the design and the performances of all the heat exchangers before their systems integration, confirming performances and reliability at the early stage of the development.

Mind Thermal System relies on:
- Complete electronic development capabilities,
- Multi-platform hardware design,
- Modular software design/test methodology,
- CAN / LIN module integration and calibration,
- HVAC and cabin comfort control algorithms development and calibration. 
All those capabilities are combined to propose and ensure the best comfort and wellbeing experience in the car. 
Product performance and quality relies on both: perfect design and strict validations. 
Mind Thermal System testing facilities are ISO17025 accreditation. 
Two full systems test benches are available in Baoding.
They are used for system (A/C, Heat pump and battery cooling) and heat exchangers development and performance tests.
Mind Thermal system also uses:

-    Heat exchangers vibration test chambers with both temperature and humidity control,
-    Heat exchangers durability test benches for vibration, pressure and temperature cycling, with a range from -40 to 150℃. 
Heat exchangers’ endurance tests facilities are dedicated to reliability and durability validations. 
High precision machine (to control dimensions with an accuracy of 2.5µm), non-contact thermal imager, noise and vibration analysis test equipments, are used to monitor the production of all our systems and components. 
The goal is to deliver products, providing the highest thermal and acoustic performances. 
For electric water pumps and shifts-by-wire, performance and durability test benches can measure over ten critical parameters such as performance, noise, strength, gap etc. 

Process & Manufacturing:

Mind Thermal System is equipped with several servo energy-saving type injection molding machines of different tonnages.
They are fitted with
-    advanced centralized feeding system
-    mold temperature control system
-    tri-axial servo mechanical arm
-    and automatic transportation system.
These tools ensure an automatic production of a large range of plastic injected parts. 
High speed fin folding and stacking machines, automatically assemble a large range of heat exchangers.
Mind Thermal Systems owns the biggest continuous NB furnace, which precisely controls the brazing temperature, and the conveyor belt speed.
This guarantees a safe and reliable production as well as high brazing quality.
The surface treatment used on Mind’s heat exchangers is imported from Germany.  This hydrophilic product improves: water drainage, performances and inhibit germ proliferation.
Everything is done in order to provide the most comfortable experience for the driver and the passengers. 
Mind Thermal System last generation production tools, are equipped with high end processes such as: quality and torque control, and product traceability systems. 
For the cooling modules, pressure leak detection and fan functional verification; are used to monitor quality level and eliminate products non-conformity. 
HAVCs assembly lines are fitted with multi-model mixed production lines and advanced quality control systems. Control interconnection & parallel production processes, ensure precise vehicle integration. 
Our ultimate goal is operational excellence to ensure customer’s satisfaction by delivering, top quality and high performance products.
Water pump assembly lines are fully automatic; they are equipped with an integrated feeding system, a welding robot as well as flow and mockup jigs.  
The lines also integrate a high precision video control and 100% online inspection systems.
This quality control process guaranties the highest possible quality level.
Mind’s advanced electronic gear shifter production units are using a linear belt line circulation with, automatic pressure fitting, oil coating, light image measurement, gear shifting and electrical function evaluation.
All these methodologies and tooling ensure 100% online inspection, and full products conformity.

Mind’s vision for the future:
Mind Thermal System R&D teams are in a constant innovative move in order to create a new driving experience, improving both comfort and wellbeing.
Innovative components & energy efficient systems also participate to the consumption reduction for all types of cars.
We also develop automatic comfort setup and energy consumption reduction innovative strategies processing different data from the cloud, with innovative A.I algorithms.
For comfort and wellbeing, Mind Thermal System is developing innovative solutions.
Smart air outlet system, automatically adjusts the outlet vents direction and flow level, according to occupants needs and position. This is also a perfect anti tiredness system.
The development of advanced thermal management systems & components, is key t
It includes, A/C, heat pump, battery, and engine cooling functions. They will be used optimize one step ahead, both comfort and energy consumption
Mind Thermal System will provide more smart technologies through advanced components, efficient sub-systems and smart thermal systems, in order to propose a quiet, comfortable and environmental-friendly experience for the passengers, and energetically optimized thermal solutions, whatever the driving conditions. 

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