Sandy Soule

Ardent inngoer Maxine Pinson has created the ultimate version of “Everything you ever wanted to know about bed & breakfast inns but were afraid to ask!”

Whether you’re a first-time inngoer or a long-time B&B aficionado, an aspiring innkeeper, a brand-new innkeeper or an old-hand, Maxine’s helpful compilation of key questions and helpful responses will put your mind at ease.

This labor of love weaves Maxine’s travel stories and inn anecdotes with solid advice and information. It is divided into three sections:

· INNformation for Inngoers is written primarily for inngoers, covering everything from information on rates and service charges to hard-hitting advice on staying safe in urban areas. From the thread count of luxury linens to the possibility of ghost sightings, you’ll find the answers to questions you didn’t know you had. 

· INNformation for Innkeepers includes articles that will improve any inn, and will help new and aspiring innkeepers to sharpen their skills. Lo and Behold touches on effective marketing descriptions, self-evaluations, and constructive criticism. Responding to Ratings and Reviews helps innkeepers to respond effectively to outside evaluations. Experiencing B&Bs from the Nose to the Toes advises innkeepers on how best to incorporate the five senses of sight, smell, sound, taste, touch to enhance their guests’ experiences.

· INNformation for Inngoers and Innkeepers provides some of the highs and lows of Maxine’s research and travel experiences in search of new inn discoveries. Her entertaining stories remind us that “Hey, it’s a tough job, but someone has got to do it!”  Why I Love B&Bs  contrasts the caring personal service that exemplifies the best of the B&B experience with the impersonality of the typical motel. Big, Cozy, Fancy, or Small, There are B&B inns to Suit Us All reminds us that the wide variety of inns ensures that travelers will be able to find B&Bs that will meet their needs and preferences. What You See Is What You Get advices consumers to peruse websites and brochures with a healthy dose of skepticism, and reminds innkeepers not to promise more than they can deliver.

Maxine Pinson has summarized years of experience in visiting, reviewing, and writing about inns into this helpful book, and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!

Sandy Soule, editor of, published America’s first B&B guidebook in 1982. Since then she has written her own guidebook series, inaugurated the Internet’s first inn ad directory, and established her own Web site. At,, Sandy writes the Report for consumers and the Innkeeper News for innkeepers. In addition to personally visiting hundreds of inns, she has led workshops at dozens of innkeeping conferences. Additional credits include articles and interviews for New York Magazine, USA Today, New York TImes, Time, National Geographic Traveler, NBC, ABC, and Fox TV.