written by
Maxine Pinson
(1990-95 for Savannah Parent & Low Country Parent magazines)

What Brand Are You Wearing?
Gleaning Before Greening
(Remembering that "springtime" follows "winter")
When You're At the End of A Roll...Shoot Again
(Tenacity: keep on keepin on)
It Ain't Me Babe
(There's no such thing as a perfect mom)
Drama In the Morning
( Don't ignore those "gut feelings!")
Easy Cruisin' Takes Some Bruisin'
(Success doesn't always come easy)
I Love You, I Love You Not
(Standing by commitments)
Forgiving the Unforgiveable
(Understanding forgiveness)
KAPLOP--A Nut is Grounded
(Laughter is good for the soul.)
A Mother's Prayer
(Praying for our children)
It Doesn't Make A Bit of Sense
(Coping with prejudice and cruelties)
How Much Do I Love Thee? 
Let Me Count the Stitches - - - - - - - -
(Adjusting to a child leaving home)
Venturing Into a Foreign Land
("What you give is what you get")
Basking or Masking?
("Whether we wear a basking smile or a masking one, we need
to be in touch with our feelings enough to know the difference.")
Simon the Sage Says: "Make the Right Choices"
(Teaching our children discernment)
Converting Baby Steps into Giant Leaps
(Falling vs. failing)
Blowing in the Wind
(Accountability for one's choices)
Paperdolls, Pigtails, and Petticoats
(Little people are not paperdolls)
Queasy Questions Produce Roaring Responses
(Giving courageous answers, regardless of the consequences)
Peee--u~~~~I Smell A Skunk!
("Smelling" & recognizing danger)
Saying Goodbye, Saying Hello
(saying "goodbye" to a beloved family pet 
& reuniting with an old friend)
Heavy Lessons Yield Lighter Loads
(Setting limits)
Trashy Treasures: The Recycling of Love
("Giving Away Love is Like Throwing a Boomerang")
Where's Waldo?
(Living with a "canine teen-ager")
Razzledazzle Rubies
(A grandmother's love leaves a lasting impact)
Frogs and Hot Pots
(Standing up and speaking out for one's convictions)
Doom and Gloom Won't Stop A Bloom
Some children are simply "late bloomers"
Considering A Case of Correctness vs. Compassion
(compassion for parents with gay children)
Lessons Gleaned From My Quacky Friends
"Some opportunities may never come but once. It's crucial that we teach our children to embrace each opportunity as it arrives."
An Extraordinary Challenge (suggested guidelines for child-rearing--learn from my mistakes)

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