July 2008

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   Each issue of The INNside Scoop, a bi-annual newsletter, features five personally visited B&Bs in various parts of the U.S. It also recommends eight B&Bs recently experienced by the editor. Previous newsletters may be viewed online at www.innsidescoop.com. No inn (or recommended restaurant) pays to be reviewed or recommended by The INNside Scoop.
The newsletter, published in January and July, is circulated in hardcopy and via e-mail. Since 1995, The INNside Scoop has been enjoyed by readers and subscribers nationwide and abroad. A complimentary e-mail subscription, offering a full-color edition of the newsletter with links to each inn and restaurant, is available by sending an e-mail request to nlsub@cs.com.
   Please note:
Since personal tastes in décor and styles vary, the editor tries to factor this component into her ratings. Therefore, even inns receiving INNside Scoop’s top ratings may include some guest or common rooms which the editor does not personally consider “extraordinaire.”

Scoop From The Editor


     This edition of The INNside Scoop includes a delightful sampling of   B&Bs, as well as historic and country inns, from upstate New York to California. In addition to an outstanding B&B in California and others along the East Coast, unique Midwestern and Southwestern inns are featured and recommended as well. As always, the  bed and breakfast inns included in this edition reflect the never-ending variety and unsurpassed hospitality found at Bed & Breakfast inns.
After spending one or more nights at and personally experiencing approximately four hundred B&Bs (in 47 states and 2 Canadian provinces) since launching The INNside Scoop in 1995, I still get excited about each forthcoming visit to a new inn. Therefore, it is with mixed emotions that I announce that the July 2008 issue will be the last edition of The INNside Scoop. After much time on the road and away from home, I am now ready to travel less and spend more time at home in Savannah.
     Even though I will no longer be publishing my newsletter, I will remain involved with the bed and breakfast industry as a contributor to the bi-annual
B&B and Country Inn Marketplace Magazine and as an associate editor of BedandBreakfast.com. I will continue maintaining The Innside Scoop’s Website, and all past newsletters will remain online. In addition, I will be adding new inns to  The INNside Scoop’s online directory whenever I experience one—and several are already scheduled  for me to visit.
     Though my eight page newsletter is being discontinued, I am excited to announce the continuation of a “mini-version” of
The INNside Scoop in The B&B and Country Inn Marketplace Magazine—a high-quality/full-color publication circulated throughout the U.S. and Eastern Canada. The format will be different, but the first insert was well received (the-innside-scoop.com/bbnewsletters/mar08/index.html). Each of these four page INNside Scoop insertions will be posted on the newsletter’s current Website and sent to Innside Scoop
e-subscribers. I hope you will enjoy it.
     Thank you so much for your wonderful support and feedback these past thirteen years. It’s been fun!


Happy travels!


Orchard Retreat
 (see review on page 1)

All 2008 “Sunflower inns”
are recognized and
listed on page 8.


Inns:  hospitality, cleanliness/maintenance of property’s interior and exterior (does not appear worn or neglected), comfort, aesthetic qualities (furnishings, color coordination, décor), amenities, location/setting (surroundings), uniqueness, attention-to-detail, creativity, good lighting (inside and outside), historical significance, breakfast—taste and presentation, complimentary refreshments and/or beverages offered, quotient value of room and services received, accessibility/helpfulness of innkeeper or staff member, respect of guests’ privacy, private baths, special features, congruency with marketing (inn looks as good when visited as it is described and shown to be in brochures and on Web site). Congruency with marketing is considered, by The INNside Scoop, to be obligatory and something the consumer should be able to rely upon confidently. An inn is given a lower rating when this criterion does not apply.

Restaurants Menu selection, food quality, presentation of food, service, location, atmosphere, uniqueness, special features, quotient value for food and service received.


Notes:  The above listings are not, necessarily, listed in order of importance. Whenever there is uncertainty between 2 rating categories, the higher rating is given in order to give the inn/restaurant the benefit of the doubt. No inn receiving a “sunflower” rating is ever  a “borderline” inn; however, it is often one found to be even more delightful than its advertising proclaims.