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Basic Differences Between Inns and Traditional Accommodations

Importance of an Inn’s Affiliation with a Professional Organization

Amenities, Special Packages, Luxury Services

Safety Issues

Children and Pets

Special Needs

Business and Corporate Travel

Different Types of B&Bs

Selecting an Inn

Contacting an Inn

Understanding an Inn’s Rates and Getting the Best Deal

Making, Securing, and Cancelling Reservations 

Information about Inngoers, Innkeepers, and Inns

Refresher Course in Manners 101

Packing for an Inn Stay

Arriving at an Inn

Guest Rooms and Bathrooms at B&Bs

Gratuities and Additional Charges

Breakfast Time and Afternoon Tea at Inns

At the Inn Alone

Behind Closed Doors

Weddings, Receptions, and Honeymooning at Inns

Telephones, Fax Machines, and Internet Access.

Smoking, Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Drugs

Checking-out and Settling Up

Et Cetera


Basic Differences Between B&Bs, Historic Inns, and Motels/Hotels

Q: What are advantages of staying at an inn?

Q: What are differences distinguishing the inn experience from a traditional stay at a chain hotel or motel, especially one which refers to itself as an “inn” and includes breakfast with the room?

Q: Almost anyone can find a motel/hotel they can afford for the night, but aren’t inns primarily for the wealthy or socially elite?

Q: Are inns more or less expensive than traditional motels/hotels?

Q: Do B&Bs have large billboards, on roads approaching the area, giving directions to the inn like most major motels/hotels have?

Q. If I am in the area of an inn where I have reservations at for some future date, is it okay to just stop by and ask for a tour of the inn?

Q: Are most inns open year-round like traditional accommodations?

Q. Do all inns have a "high season" and a "low season?" If so, when are they?

Q: Do B&Bs have private bathrooms with both tub and shower facilities like motels/hotels offer?

Q: Do B&Bs ever have an extra telephone in the bathrooms like a found in a lot of upsccale hotels?

Q: Do B&Bs decorate for Christmas like motels and, particularly, upscale hotels do?

Q: Is there someone “on duty” 24 hours a day at B&Bs like at most motels/hotels?

Q: Are walk-ins accepted at inns like at traditional motels/hotels? Sometimes, when traveling, I like to remain flexible and plan my trip as I go.

Q: Do B&Bs accept “day trippers” or offer hourly rates like some motels do?

Q: I like the freedom of coming and going whenever I please, like I can when staying at a motel/hotel?  Is this same freedom available at B&Bs, or do inns enforce curfews?

Q: Is the basic room set up (i.e., 2 double beds and a bath with shower/tub) at B&Bs similar to that found at a typical motel/hotel?

Q: If I am traveling with a child who needs a crib, are they usually available at B&Bs like they are at most motels/hotels?

Q: I never have to worry about hearing pots and pans banging around when I stay at a motel/hotel. Is this ever a problem when staying at a B&B? 

Q: Can I enjoy the same privacy at a B&B that I can expect at a motel/hotel? Sometimes I am just "peopled-out" and need my solitude or time alone with my mate.

Q: Are the locations of B&Bs more desirable and picturesque than the commercial setting of most motels/hotels? I like to have a nice view from my window, and I like to be able to open my draperies without passers-by gaping in.

Q: Do B&Bs provide babysitters for children of their guests like  hotels/motels sometimes provide?

Q: If I have a pre-dawn flight and have to leave a B&B at the crack of dawn, is it as simple as leaving a motel or hotel at that hour?

Q: Do inns usually have "Do Not Disturb/Service, Please" doorknob signs like motels/hotels provide?

Q: The desk clerk never inquires about the relationship I have with my traveling companion when staying at a hotel/motel. Is this the same with innkeepers?

Q: May I request a wake-up call at an inn like I’m accustomed to doing when staying at a hotel?

Q: How expansive is the B&B and Country Inn industry, and how do the number of them compare with major hotel chains? 

Q: Why don’t B&Bs routinely serve water with breakfast like they do at the restaurants of motels/hotels?

Q: A creature of habit, I just like eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast—not fancy stuff that I’ve never had before. Since these are standard food items and simple to prepare, is it okay to just request my “usual breakfast’ when staying at an inn?

Q: I begin each day by reading my Bible. Are Bibles usually in the guest rooms of inns like they are in motel/hotel rooms?

Q: Can I accrue “frequent visitor points” at B&Bs, like some hotels/motels offer, to redeem for a free stay at the inn?

Importance of Inn's Affiliation with a Professional Organization

Q: How important are ratings (such as AAA and Mobil) of inns?

Q: How important is an inn’s affiliation with a professional inn group, and what are some of these established organizations an inngoer should know about?

Amenities, Special Packages, Luxury Services

Q: What is the difference between amenities and services at an inn?

Q: What types of amenities and extras may I expect at an inn?

Q. I hear a lot about “special packages” and “luxury services” menus offered by inns. What are examples of these? 

Q: What does “turn down” and “turn over” refer to?

Q: What is meant by concierge service, and is it ever offered at B&Bs?

Q: I hear a lot about the amenities at an inn, but do they also have the basic necessities found in the modern world? 

Safety Issues

Q:  Is it safe for a woman, traveling alone, to stay at an inn?

Q. Do I need to lock my bedroom door when staying at an inn?

Q: So many inns are located in downtown historic districts or urban areas. How can I know if it is truly safe to walk in these areas, especially after dark?

Q: If an inn claims to be haunted, what are the chances that I’ll have an “encounter” while staying there? If something goes “bump” in the night, I want to know what it is.

Q: Why are some B&Bs so picky about always having the entrance doors locked?

Children and Pets

Q: Do innkeepers ever have children living at home?

Q: Are inns appropriate for children to stay in with or without an adult?

Q: Is a young child considered an “extra person” at an inn?

Q: Do most innkeepers have pets living at their inns?

Q: Do B&Bs object to guests bringing pets to stay in their room with them?

Special Needs

Q: Are assistant/service dogs (i.e., seeing eye or hearing ear) dogs allowed to stay at inns?

Q: Are most inns set up for guests who are physically challenged in some way?

Q: Are inns set up to care for guests who have a mental impairment?

Business and Corporate Travel

Q: Do inns cater to business and corporate travelers?

Q: Do inns accept long-termers?

Q: When traveling on business, it is essential that I have Internet access as often and as long as needed. I understand that more inns are now offering high-speed wireless internet, which sounds exactly like what I need. How does this service work and is there an extra charge for it?

Different Types of Inns

Q: Does B&B always stand for “Bed & Breakfast” in the travel industry?

Q: What is a "thematic" inn, and what are some examples of this type of inn?

Q: What is considered a traditional B&B and what characterizes traditional innkeepers? 

Q: What is a neo-B&B and what characterizes neo-innkeepers?

Q: : What is a contemporary inn?

Q: How does an upscale inn differ from a small, boutique hotel?

Q. I hear that the style of inns (and even the “style” of innkeepers) can vary tremendously from one region of the country to another. What are examples of these variations?

Q: There are some lifestyles and ideologies I simply do not want to be subjected to, not even for a brief stay at an inn. How can I make certain that an inn I select doesn’t openly promote a specific lifestyle or belief system that I find offensive or prefer not being around? 

Selecting an Inn

Q: Please differentiate between a “destination” inn and an “inn along the way.”

Q: Is there any place online where I can do a search for the particulars (area, amenities, price range, etc.)  I desire at an inn?

Q: How reliable are polls conducted by publications to determine which inns are “the best” in specific categories?

Q: How do I know what an innkeeper considers “nice” is the same thing I consider nice?

Q: I have found that inns do not always measure up to the glorious images portrayed in their brochures or Web sites. How can I know whether what I see online is what I’ll find on-site?

Q: Is there ever a photograph of the innkeepers, of a B&B, on the inn's Web site?

Q: Are photographs of an inn's guests ever shown on the inn's Web site?

Q: What is meant when an inn says it has a virtual tour online?

Q: I found a B&B on the Internet that I wanted to stay at, but there was a note on the site saying “Under Construction?” I was confused since the inn looked built and furnished to me.

Q: What are reliable guidelines for selecting the "right" inn?

Contacting an Inn

Q. Sometimes inns have similar names, even when they are both located in the same town. How can I make sure I am registered at the one I wish to visit?

Q: Why is a toll-free and a regular telephone number often listed for an inn?

Q: When is the best time to call an inn? 

Understanding an Inn’s Rates and Getting the Best Deal

Q. Do all inns have a "high season" and a "low season?" If so, when are they?

Q. Do most inns have seasonal rates?

Q. Are the rates quoted at an inn always for 2 people staying in a room?

Q. What is meant by a "self-catered" plan at an inn?

Q: Can I get a room for less if I am not interested in breakfast or clean-up service?

Q: Is there any place online where I can find special deals at B&Bs as well as seasonal packages?

Q: How can I best determine the value quotient when selecting a B&B?

Q: Are there special rates for senior citizens or civil servants at B&Bs?

Q: Will the owner at a B&B usually give me discount if I pay cash or ask for a lower rate?

Q. B&Bs use to be so much less expensive than most of them are now. Why the rate increase?

Making, Securing, and Cancelling Reservations

Q. When traveling, I usually engage a travel agent to make my plans for me. Are travel agents able to make reservations at B&B's and historic inns?

Q: Is it okay to contact an inkeeper via e-mail to inquire about reservations?

Q: Do most inns offer online availability and online reservations for guests?

Q: Are inns willing to rent out their entire facility to a group?

Q: Do inns require reservations to be guaranteed?

Q: When I am flying a long distance to the location of a B&B, will I be charge if my flight is delayed and I arrive too late to check in?

Q: What if I need to cancel my reservations?

Q. Will I be able to get a refund if I am unable to make it to the inn due to inclimate weather or a cancelled flight?

Information about Inngoers, Innkeepers, and Inns

Q: Why do inns usually refer to people staying with them as guests instead of customers? When I have a guest visit me, they don’t pay. When I stay at a B&B, I do pay.

Q: What is the age range of inngoers? 

Q: Is there a general profile of individuals who most often frequent inns?

Q. What is the age range of innkeepers?

Q: Sometimes I hear inngoers complain about innkeepers being "too friendly," almost to the point of becoming invasive. I don't like people hovering over me or infringing upon my space. 

Q: Should I call the innkeeper by his or her first name?

Q: What type of work do innkeepers do for a real job when they aren’t taking care of guests?

Q: What did the majority of innkeepers do in “their other life?”

Q: Is it okay to make suggestions, face-to-face to an innkeeper, on how I feel their inn could be improved?

Q: When I would like to express gratitude, in a special way, to an innkeeper for extra kindnesses extended me during my visit, how can I do this?

Q: What if an innkeeper presents me with a gift? Do I need to reciprocate in a like manner?
Q: What is the best thing for a guest to do if they become ill while staying at a B&B?

Q:  Will I always get to meet the owner of the inn I’m staying at if they don’t live on the premises?

Q. Can I depend on innkeepers to keep me entertained or schedule activities for me if I become bored while visiting a B&B?

Q: Do innkeepers usually dress-up at more formal inns?

Q: Sometimes I come across an innkeeper’s name on the Internet that is preceded by a title. Isn’t this a bit formal for the more personal feel B&Bs try to convey?

Q: When an innkeeper takes time off, do they close the inn?

Q: Is there someone “on duty” 24 hours a day at B&Bs?

Q: How expansive is the B&B and Country Inn industry, and how do the number of them compare with major hotel chains? 

Q: What is meant by a “destination inn?”

Q: Do inns ever sell any of their own products?

Q: I never have to worry about a chair or sofa being too fine to sit upon at a hotel or motel. But sometimes  furniture, at an inn, looks too fancy or fragile for anything but admiring from afar.

Q: Are inns ever designed and built specifically to become inns, or are most of them converted from old homes?

Q: Where are B&Bs usually located?

Q: Can B&Bs be used for special functions other than weddings and receptions?

Q: Do B&Bs usually have their own domain name?

Q: What percentage of innkeepers actually live on the premises of their inn?

Q: Will inns ever consider selling any of their antique furniture?

Q: Do B&Bs accept “day trippers” or offer hourly rates?

Q: How can local folks benefit from B&Bs?

Q: What is a good source for inngoers to learn more about B&B "how-to?"

Q: I recently discovered B&Bs on a trip to the United Kingdom. Are American B&Bs similar to those of our British cousins?

Refresher Course in Manners 101

Q: How do I know which areas of an inn are not open to guests?

Q: What procedure should I follow if I accidentally break something or need an item replaced, like a light bulb?

Q: Do most inns have a TV/VCR available in a common room if they are not available in the guest rooms?

Q: What should a guest do if they return to a B&B during the wee morning hours (when an inn is full of sleeping guests and innkeepers) and can't find their key to the inn? Should they ring the doorbell, call the innkeeper, bang on the door, yell and scream, or what?

Q: Are there any cultural issues I should be aware of when visiting inns?

Q: My partner is very affectionate and sees no problem with cooing and wooing in public. And it’s okay by me. Is PDA okay in the common rooms of an inn?

Q: After observing how some guests conduct themselves when staying at B&Bs, I’ve considered setting up an online seminar for guests who need a refresher course on Manners 101. Do you know if such a course is available?

Q: How can I best show my appreciation to innkeepers during a stay at their inn?

Packing for an Inn Stay

Q: Is there any set dress code for guests staying at inns?

Q: Even though I am an adult, I still have a favorite pillow and stuffed animal I like to sleep with. What will an innkeeper think when my sleeping companion is found snuggled on my special pillow?

Q. Do most inns have elevators?

Q. If staying at an upscale inn which includes a restaurant featuring fine dining, is it necessary to dress up for dinner?

Q: Do inns usually provide umbrellas for their guests to use on rainy days, or should I take one with me?

Arriving at an Inn

Q: Is there a procedure I should follow if I need to arrive before or after regular check-in times?

Q:  When I arrive at an inn, do I ring the doorbell or just walk on in?

Q: If I am interested in staying at an inn, but do not have reservations, may I just let myself in for a peek-about? 

Q:  If I see an inn I would like to stay at, but no one is there to check me in, may I just select a room and check myself in?

Q: Will I have to listen to the history of an inn, or go on a grand tour of rooms and grounds, before being shown to my quarters?

Q: If I am flying in, is it appropriate to ask the innkeeper to pick me up from the airport?

Q: What if I do not like my accommodations when I get to the inn?

Q: Sometimes innkeepers tell me so much at check-in , there is no way I can remember everything--especially when I am tired. Don't innkeepers understand that guests only need to hear the "basics" at arrival?

Q: If I feel I have legitimate complaints about the inn or the innkeepers, is there someone I can register my concerns with?

 Q: I would like to spend my wedding night at a B&B, but we probably couldn’t check in until after midnight? Do you think an innkeeper would be willing to wait up for us?

Q. If I am in the area of an inn where I have reservations at for some future date, is it okay to just stop by and ask for a tour of the inn?

Guest Rooms and Bathrooms at B&Bs

 Q. I recently discovered B&Bs on a trip to the British isles. Are  the accommodations at American B&Bs similar to those of our British cousins?

Q: What is considered a "suite" at a B&B?

Q: Is it all right if I decide to bring an extra guest at the last minute if my room has a sofa they can sleep on?

Q: If I like a piece of furniture in an unoccupied room better than what is in my room, is it okay to swap the pieces?

Q: Do most guest rooms at inns have individual thermostatic control?

Q: Do inns ever have wood-burning fireplaces in guest rooms their guests are permitted to use?

Q: What are duvets and shams? How do you pronounce duvet?

Q: Are guests supposed to sleep on shams, take the pillow out, or what?

Q: Isn’t a sheet a sheet a sheet? Isn’t a towel a towel a towel? Why do some inns make such a big deal about sheets and towels?

Q: Do innkeepers ever keep any of their clothing or personal belongings in the closets or drawers of the guest quarters?

Q: Is it okay to take some of the inn’s hangers with me if I need extra ones?

Q: Sometimes there are more decorative pillows on the bed than flowers on the wallpaper. What are guests suppose to do with all of these fluffies when it’s time to go to bed?

Q: Do most B&B have more than one pillow for each guest?

Q: What should I do if I have a quarrel with the person I’m traveling with and get locked out of my room when at a B&B?

Q: When staying at a B&B, am I expected to return any glassware or dishes (to the kitchen) that I may take to my room?

Q: Why do the clean-up people sometimes leave my room so messy at an inn?

Q: I love candles and incense and often travel with my own. Is it acceptable to burn candles  in my room at an inn?

Q: Is it okay to take food into my room at an inn?

Q: What if there are bugs in my room?

Q: If  I would like to have a bottle of chilled wine or champagne in my room, may I ask the innkeeper to chill it in the inn’s refrigerator?

Q: Should I make up my bed and fold the bathroom towels before checking out of an inn?

Q: When there is a coffee pot in my room, am I expected to clean it after each use?

Q: What should I do if I realize I must have left some of my “intimate apparel” in the bed covers at an inn?

Q: I stayed in B&Bs in Europe, and I often had to share a bath with other guests. I do not like sharing a bath with strangers, and so I do not go to inns anymore.

Q: What is an en suite bath?

Q: Is it okay to use bubble bath in an inn’s whirlpool tubs?

Q: What if you can’t figure out how to operate the tub? Some are so fancy and high-tech!

Q: Is it appropriate to ask for more than one set of towels/linens per day?

Q: I’ve been told bathtubs are sometimes situated in unusual locations at inns. Like where?

Q: Do American B&Bs ever have bidets in their bathrooms?

Q: I think it’s soooo romantic to float potpourri and rose petals in a whirlpool tub. Do innkeepers object to this?

Q: What if the toilet gets stopped up in my bathroom at an inn, or I encounter other plumbing problems?

Q: When there’s a fancy seal on toilet paper at an inn, do I need to re-apply it to the roll each time I tear off some toilet tissue? 

Q: Why do B&Bs sometimes have yellow rubber duckies sitting on the tub?

Q: Do B&Bs ever have towel warmers?

Q: Are the toiletries sitting out for me to keep?

Q: Do B&Bs ever have scales in their bathroms?

Gratuities and Additional Charges

Q: Are there any other charges I might incur while staying at an inn?

Q. When there is a service charge at an inn, what “services” are included?

Q: Is there a standard tipping policy at inns?

Breakfast Time and Afternoon Tea at Inns

Q: If I have a relative or friend living in the town where I’m staying at an inn, is it okay to invite them to join me for breakfast or afternoon tea?

Q: I always jog or work out each morning before breakfast. Is it okay to go to breakfast at an inn with my jogging or work-out clothes on?

Q: Is it necessary to get dressed for breakfast at an inn?

Q: What time is breakfast served?

Q: When on vacation, I like to sleep late. Is it okay to just call down about thirty minutes before I’m ready to eat?

Q: What kind of food is served for breakfast at inns? Is the menu comparable throughout the week, or does it vary on the week-ends?

Q: A creature of habit, I just like eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast—not fancy stuff that I’ve never had before. Since these are standard food items and simple to prepare, is it okay to just request my “usual breakfast’ when staying at an inn?

Q: Aren’t flowers just intended to be used as garnish on food? Sometimes I actually see  people eating them off the food.

Q: Is it okay to ask for seconds at breakfast? The food at inns is always so good!

Q: Why don’t inns routinely serve water with breakfast?

Q: Where is one supposed to put sweetener packets and tea bags once they are used?

Q: When breakfst is served family-style, in which direction should the food be passed?

Q: If someone asks for me to pass the salt, do I also need to pass the pepper (and vice versa)?

Q: Is it okay to use the same spoon I stir my coffee with to get sugar out of the sugar bowl ?

Q: Is it considered acceptable to use my knife to slice butter off the butter dish?

Q: When I first get up in the morning, I don’t like to talk. When I am traveling alone, I prefer eating alone. Will an innkeeper feel obligated to sit and “keep me company,” during breakfast, if I am the only guest at the inn?

Q: When staying at a B & B, am I expected to eat at the same table and socialize with other guests? 

Q: When traveling, I enjoy meeting important people who are intelligent and in my socio-economic class. I don’t hobnob or eat with just anyone. Will I be able to meet people like me at inns? 

Q: Sometimes inns have a cloth napkin in my plate with a ring or decoration, of some sort, around it. What is that for, and what am I supposed to do with it?

Q: I am accustomed to saying a blessing at breakfast. Are blessings said at the breakfast table of most inns?

Q: When eating at a communal table, must I wait until everyone is seated before I may begin eating?

Q. Do innkeepers usually join their guests at breakfast time.

Q: If I finish eating, before the other guests, may I excuse myself and leave the table.

Q. Is there a different breakfast routine on Sunday mornings for innkeepers who attend a Sunday morning worship service?

Q. Do most inns serve afternoon tea or other refreshments?

Q: May I ask an innkeeper for some of their breakfast, afternoon tea, or evening dessert recipes?

Q. When afternoon tea is served at an inn, is it usually a seated affair typical of an afternoon tea in Britain?

Q. What type of food is served at an afternoon tea, and is hot tea the only beverage offered?

Q. Do I need to dress up for an afternoon tea or a social hour at an inn?

Q. If  I am dieting or involved in with other activities and don't care to participate in an inn's afternoon tea, will the innkeeper be offended?

Q. When an inn serves afternoon tea or hosts a social time, is that a communal affair like breakfast usually is?

Q: What if I don't like anything being served for breakfast at a B&B? May I ask to be served something else?

Q: If there is a pet at an inn, may I feed it leftovers from breakfast?

At the Inn Alone

Q: I love exploring new places—opening closed doors and looking into the cubby holes. Is this okay to do while staying at an inn?

Q: If I need something from the kitchen when the innkeeper is not around, is it permissible to go in and get it?

Q: If I am at an inn alone and the phone rings, should I answer it? 

Q: If I am at the inn alone and someone comes to the door, should I let them in? 

Q: If I am alone at an inn before going to bed, should I turn off all the lights?

Behind Closed Doors

Q. Should I complain to the innkeeper, the love birds, reciprocate, or just fantasize when I'm disturbed by sounds of guests making whoopee?

Q. Will the person cleaning my room be offended if I leave some of my "play time" toys sitting out?

Q. What if I have an accident while at a B & B (soiled sheets, become ill, etc.)?

Q: What is a sound soother and "white noise?"

Q: Are guests ever served breakfast in bed at a B&B?

Weddings, Receptions, and Honeymooning at Inns

Q: Do B&Bs usually provide a romantic setting for a marriage proposal?

Q: When weddings and/or wedding receptions are held at a B&B, are rooms also rented to guests not connected with or attending the wedding?

Q. What is the appeal of having a wedding or reception at a B&B?

Q. I recently heard about an inn offering an "elopement package." What does that entail?

Q. Do most inns have honeymoon suites or cottages that caters to honeymooners?

Q. I would like to spend my honeymoon at a B&B, but I don't want to eat breakfast with a table of grinning "well-wishers."

Q. Is it permissable to serve alcohol at wedding receptions held at a B&B?

Q: I would like to spend my wedding night at a B&B, but we probably couldn't check-in until after midnight. Do you think an innkeeper would be willing to wait up for us?

Telephone, Fax Machines, and Internet Access

Q: My work requires that I travel with a laptop and have online access. Is this available at most inns?

Q: Is it okay to ask an innkeeper to use their business or personal computer to check my mail or for surfing the Internet?

Q: Should I give the inn’s main telephone number as a number where I can be reached while staying there?

Smoking, Alcoholic Beverages, Illegal Drugs

Q: Is there a policy concerning the use of alcoholic beverages at inns?

Q: Is taking a cooler, filled with iced-down beer, to an inn acceptable? 

Q: I don’t care about little afternoon teas or wine receptions. When 5 o’clock comes, I want a real drink. Will I be able to get the ice and set-up I need at an inn?

Q: Do most B&Bs have a non-smoking policy?

Q: Can I smoke pot, in my room, while at a remote little B&B way off the beaten path?

Checking Out and Settling Up

Q: What is the standard check-out time at B&Bs?

Q: If I need to extend my check-out time by an hour or two, is that a problem at a B&B?

Q: Do I pay my bill when I am ready to check out?

Q: If I decide that I would like to extend my stay at an inn for one or more days, is there any procedure that needs to be followed for an extension? Would it be inappropriate to ask to move into another room?

Et Cetera

Q: How can B&B gift certificates be acquired?

Q: What are some guidelines to follow when purchasing a B&B gift certificate for someone?

Q: If an inn claims to be haunted, what are the chances  I'll have an "encounter " while staying there? If something goes "bump" in the night, I want to know what it is.

Q: Is it acceptable to ask an innkeeper to use their car if I have flown in and do not wish to rent one.

Q: Is it acceptable to ask an innkeeper to do my personal laundry or to request permission to use the inn’s laundry facilities?

Q: Are the guest books found in the bedrooms of many B & B’s for compliments, suggestions, or both?

Q: Is it okay to take home a book from an inn’s library that I have not completed reading or a video that I would like to view?

Q: Do inns ever offer any kinds of contest which reward the winners with a complimentary stay at the inn?

Q. Do inns ever have water beds? I think they’re kind of kinky.

Q: Do B&Bs ever have exercise equipment available for guests?

Q: I like to meditate each day. Do inns ever have special areas for meditation?

Q. What should I do if I return to the inn, after I know all the other guests are asleep, and I can't find the key to the front door or my room?

Q: What should I do if I leave something at the inn? Will the innkeeper be willing to mail it to me?

Q: I enjoy picking up memorabilia from inns I visit. Do inns ever offer, for sale, special items reminiscent of their inn?

Q: Sometimes I hear the most outrageous things that guests have done while staying at a B&B. What are examples of some of these incidents?

Q: Sometimes I hear outlandish reports about things innkeepers do or have done at their B&B? What are some atypical or off-the-wall examples?

Q: How can I find out the area's best places to see and dine when staying at a B&B?

Q: I am always amazed at some of the valuable items innkeepers leave sitting around their inns. Aren't they afraid of some of these things disappearing?

Q: Is there an online bulletin board where I can exchange information with other inngoers about B&Bs?

Q: When staying at a cottage (separate from the B&B, but part of it) where breakfast is provided, is a guest expected to wash and put away dishes used?

Q: Do B&Bs (or B&B-related Web sites) ever sponsor any kind of contests rewarding the winner with a complimentary stay at an inn?

Q: Are there any online B&B newsletters which review/recommend inns or other information for inngoers and innkeepers/aspiring innkeepers?

Q: What print publications are available for innkeepers (perspiring and aspiring)?

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A Not-to-be-Missed Opportunity
for Innkeepers & Aspiring Innkeepers

January 11- 18, 2003
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Cruise Hosted by The B&B and Country Inn MarketPlace
Publisher of
INNside Scoop
"Innformation for Inngoers, Aspiring Innkeepers, & Innkeepers"

Note: Maxine Pinson, author of INNside Scoop, will be providing 1-on-1 consultations
for innkeepers on this "Seminars at Sea" cruise.

"A Worldwide Marketing Service for Innkeepers"

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